Unrooz - Envisioning the day you are looking towards

At Unrooz we empower our clients to achieve transformative and sustainable results. We do this through a human-centric, collaborative, equitable, and positive process. We create strong partnerships with your team, your market partners, and your customers to empathize and understand the problems and challenges you and your communities face. We create innovative solutions by relying on market data, relationships, and facilitated conversations.

Program Design

We offer customer-centric, JEDI-focused design process creation and facilitation. We use an adapted Design Thinking Framework to create the opportunity to Notice and Reflect on Equity and Social Justice issues faced in our communities. This is done by “Noticing” the impact we bring to design through our values, identities, assumptions, and unconscious biases and “Reflecting” on each step of the process to ensure equity, inclusion, justice and any unintended consequences of the design have been taken into account.

Strategy and Program Management

From setting up the governance structures and program management systems and tools, to providing market-based strategy development and program management expertise we provide you with a whole suite of systems, methodologies, tools, and hands-on work to help you set and meet your equity-based and socially responsible business goals.

Leadership Development

We provide customized training that elevates you to unlock the potential in you, your staff, and your community.

Our trainings integrate key topics of privilege, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Strong inclusive leadership is a key behavioral driver to ensure a sustained integration of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion into program Strategy and design.